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Here's our process. It starts with a simple call.

Discovery Call

Our initial 30-60 minute call will establish your aims for a facilitated session, your budget and time frame.


We'll develop a proposal with a suggested work plan and quote. Different budget scenerios can be developed on request.

Meeting Planning

This may include 1:1 calls with participants, or advice on materials made available in advance. Agendas and presentation materials are developed in collaboration.


Whether it's a 2-hour board retreat or 2-hour member engagement, whether it's brainstorming or decision-making, we create safe, fun spaces where you accomplish your aims.


Short report or long, in narrative or presentation form, you decide what kind of final report you need to move forward. These are always succinctly summarized and contain clear recommendations for next steps.

Our Process and Value: List
facilitator laughing while moderating and leading aworkshop
Our Process and Value: Image
Business Meeting with Facilitator Facilitating

The value we bring to the table

Build rapport quickly

Care and connection is at the heart of what drives us in this work. These values braided with our natural curiosity, build trust and rapport quickly.

Active listening and helpful summarizing

We believe in the wisdom of the group! So with ears finely tuned by our experience as leaders & writers, we listen for fresh ideas and shared perspectives.

Flexible, adaptive and creative processes

We never like doing the same thing twice! We continually adapt and customize our sessions to meet your aims and participants' needs.

Accurate recording and short reports

Our experience as writers, researchers, and interviewers have honed our strong recording and summarizing skills that shape our reports.

A focus on next steps

We're always looking forward and we think you should too! While SWOT and PESTLE analysis is important to every facilitation or plan, it's just the start. We end every session with clear next steps.

Proven techniques to create safe space

Hearing the wisdom of the group is achieved when everyone feels safe. When planning our sessions, we use techniques and create environments where everyone can participate if they choose.

Our Process and Value: List
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