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Facilitating a strategic plan at a community engagement with the public and local school board trus

Expert Meeting Facilitation

Get out of the rut of the same old convos

Even the most collegial teams and boards can find their conversations and meetings going stale. Even the most functional groups find themselves rehashing the same territory without coming close to decision at the end of--yet another!-- meeting. As facilitators, we approach every client scenario with fresh eyes. We are a neutral party. And our presence  ensures even your senior leaders can participate.

We have facilitated staff, board and stakeholder meetings with a variety of aims that included:

  1. Get on the same page

  2. Build team spirit or connections

  3. Brainstorm new ideas, policies, or programs

  4. Identify a path forward after an impasse

  5. Establish Guiding Principles for a team's healthy work together

  6. Engage the public and various stakeholders

Contact us to discuss your meeting needs. Once we understand your unique situation and aims, we'll present you with a no-obligation proposed work plan that can help you reach your goals in record time.

Facilitated Meetings & Retreats: Services

Engaging & Renewing Retreats

Turn away-meetings into intimate gatherings that build community

We love the energy and community that board and staff retreats bring. Not only are they often in beautiful settings away from the usual day-to-day grind, they provide an opportunity to shake up the usual meeting formats. We love getting creative with how our clients share and analyze information. Out with boring presentations and in with panels, polls, and people-centred discussion formats.

Our facilitators' past lives as journalists and writers have honed our interview and moderation skills. We can help you deliver a side of entertainment with the important information or context setting. Because, let's be honest, retreats are not just about dealing with what's on the agenda. They're gatherings where your most important resource--your people!--build team, reset and find joy in the people with whom they'll share the work ahead.

Panel of women moderated by facilitator
Facilitated Meetings & Retreats: Welcome
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