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We're Halton Strategic

Planning and communications that build connections for a better world

Halton Strategic is an Edmonton-based communications and planning agency. We can help you plan for and communicate what matters while building connection, consensus, and collaboration with your teams and audiences.

We create meaningful gatherings, provide expert facilitation and effective trainings, and design strategic communications.

Whatever your planning or communications goals may be, we can make it happen. Get in touch for a discovery call today.

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Our Strategic Planning and Communications Services

Whether we're facilitating a retreat, building communications strategies, pitching the media, or coaching leaders for the stage, connection and consensus-building are at the heart of our work.

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Speech Development and Coaching

Inspire and communicate clearly

As speech writers and coaches we've written a wide variety of scripts and presentations: from moderator questions for a film event, to scripts for media launch, to AGM keynotes and campaign speeches. Our advice is trusted by leaders in business, social good organizations, and politics. When the stakes are high, call us for support. We can work with you to craft the message, or simply coach your delivery. We know you can do it!

Strategic Communications

Tell Stories Your Audiences Want to Hear

Think of us as your best coach and favourite writer smashed together. We’ve seen what happens when our clients don’t give adequate consideration for all the factors involved in communicating. Whether it’s a major organizational change, an exciting new program, a special event, or annual report, we  build and implement communications plans that help clients achieve their aims regarding audiences, timelines and product deadlines. Further, we develop content that is story driven and engaging.

Strategic Plans, Frames & Programs

The future starts with the group's wisdom

Love it or hate it, strategic planning is critical for any team, business or organization to focus work and measure success. Whether you're hashing out the high level mission, vision and values of your organization, building a strategic framework or developing a tightly scoped action plan, Halton Strategic can support the whole process.

Facilitated Meetings & Retreats

Get out of the rut of the same old convos

We make fun, effective and efficient meetings look easy because at Halton Strategic we put hours of planning into every meeting or retreat we facilitate. From great presentations, fun polls, inclusive techniques and advanced content planning, we customize everything to keep the conversation focused, positive and productive.

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Yvonne Whiting, Health Sciences Association of Alberta Board Member

So glad we were able to engage Halton Strategic to lead us in our strategic planning process! I love your facilitation style and it was easy to follow. Timely, succinct, logical and then you provided such a quick follow up of what we reviewed.

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