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Turn talk into action.        Strengthen connection.

We help design and facilitate meetings and retreats that result in meaningful, effective conversations

As a community-oriented facilitation and planning consultancy, we help our clients come together with purpose and leave with clear next steps and better connections.

Starting with a no-obligation discovery call, our facilitators will design a proposed work plan that considers your objectives and budget. Working with us you can expect:

  1. Well-designed agendas and engaging presentations, panels and discussions that start everyone on the same page while keeping you focused on your goals.

  2. Efficient pre-meeting 1-on-1 interviews or surveys to prepare participants for the work ahead.

  3. Virtual or in-person facilitated meetings or retreats where we're a neutral party, using creative, engaging techniques that make people feel safe, heard and engaged.

  4. Exceptional recording and notation that produces quality What We Heard summaries.

  5. Draft Strategic Plans that reflect the consensus from your engagements and a clear path for the work ahead.

So whether you want to build a stronger team, brainstorm a long term strategic framework or develop a detailed implementation plan, we can help you draw out the wisdom of the group while building stronger connections.

Contact us for a no-obligation discovery call. We can't wait to support your important work.

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Our Strategic Services

Whether we're facilitating a retreat or conducting 1:1s, building trust & connection is at the heart of our work.

Brainstorming Session with Business Group
CHoosing the right path among all possible movement options. Business strategic planning, risk manag

Strategic Plans, Frames & Programs

The future starts with the group's wisdom

Love it or hate it, strategic planning is critical for any team, business or organization to focus work and measure success. Whether you're hashing out the high level mission, vision and values of your organization, building a strategic framework or developing a tightly scoped action plan, Halton Strategic can support the whole process.

Facilitated Meetings & Retreats

Get out of the rut of the same old convos

We make fun, effective and efficient meetings look easy because at Halton Strategic we put hours of planning into every meeting or retreat we facilitate. From great presentations, fun polls, inclusive techniques and advanced content planning, we customize everything to keep the conversation focused, positive and productive.

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Board members at table discussing questions posed by facilitator to develop their strategic plan
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Yvonne Whiting, Health Sciences Association of Alberta Board Member

So glad we were able to engage Halton Strategic to lead us in our strategic planning process! I love your facilitation style and it was easy to follow. Timely, succinct, logical and then you provided such a quick follow up of what we reviewed.

Facilitated strategy retreat building strategic plan

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Let us help you engage, connect and chart a path everyone can rally around!

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